The facilitator staff (formerly counselor staff) is an integral part of the RYLA Northwest Program. Passion for personal development and enthusiasm for serving are key characteristics of the facilitator. Communication skills – both the ability to listen and to speak – are also critical to the success of facilitators. Facilitators are the gateway for RYLA participants to experience positive role models that exemplify the ideals of Rotary, including the Four-Way Test, and Service Above Self. This is demonstrated in their commitment of time and giving of themselves to achieve an exceptional RYLA experience. Facilitators often comment that their own personal growth is just as comparable to that of even the participants. Truly a life changing experience.

RYLA Northwest 2021 will be held outside of academic hours (e.g., Saturday morning) in a virtual conference format.  Facilitators will engage students with more small group sessions and activities.

General Description

Facilitators will be asked to actively participate in all activities, training and orientation related to RYLA. A facilitator is expected to challenge themselves and step outside their own comfort zone. They should approach activities with an open mind and be willing to grow themselves. They should be eager to engage in conversation, initiate activities, provide oversight and guidance to participants, and constructive feedback to the RYLA Committee (RYCOM). The ability to be flexible and work cooperatively with others is a must.

Key Roles of Facilitators
  1. Participation – Facilitators are expected to take an active role throughout the conference. Facilitators must be willing to “open up” and be authentic with the participants. Facilitators must also be cognizant that RYLA is for the youth, and therefore they must judiciously limit their participation in some activities. The speakers and program activities are geared toward the RYLA Participants. In this regard, your role is to assist the presenters as needed and support the participants to have the best experience possible.
  2. Leadership – Facilitators will be asked to discuss and debrief presentations and activities with the attendees. They will oversee RYLA Reaction groups and make sure the planning that is taking place for skit night is appropriate for the overall RYLA audience, including Rotary Observers.
  3. Presenter – Facilitators may be asked to lead an activity, welcome speakers, and/or debrief campers on the daily schedule.
  4. Role Model – Facilitators will be expected to set an example for participants.
  5. Chaperone – Facilitators sleep in the same area as their gender.
  6. Observer – Facilitators will be asked to be observant of the participants so that issues that arise can be addressed.
  7. Conference guidelines/rules – RYCOM will outline and request attendees to make a commitment in following the guidelines/rules. Facilitators will be responsible for overseeing that those in attendance commit to following the rules as needed. If necessary, facilitators should refer concerns to the RYCOM representative present and if needed, to contact the RYLA administrator, for further action.
  8. Coordinator – Coordination between attendees, other Facilitators, RYLA Committee, and medical person as needed.


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